Stop chasing other people’s dreams and start the journey to your true calling.

In the How to Get Unstuck Master Class (launching September 25), Laura Gassner Otting will help you overcome the paralyzing fear of failure and rejection that holds you back so you can grow into the person you truly, deeply know you can become.

Who Is Laura Gassner Otting?

Laura is turned on by the audacity of that larger-than-life goal you just can’t seem to shake. She’s an instigator, motivator, and provocateur, and she’s never met a revolution she didn’t like.

She helped shape AmeriCorps as a presidential appointee during the Clinton administration and founded, ran, and sold her own global search firm, partnering with the full gamut of mission-driven corporate and nonprofit executives.

Frequent contributor to Good Morning America, TODAY , Harvard Business Review, and Oprah Daily, Laura is The Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Wonderhell, Limitless, and Mission-Driven.

In this Master Class, she’ll introduce us to a practical, step-by-step process for discovering and following your calling.

Get Unstuck

Do the dreams you’re chasing actually belong to you? Are you ashamed of your ambition? Or does failure scare you into inaction?

In this class, you’ll learn to clear through all your fears, doubts, and lack of clarity to become the limitless version of you that you were always meant to be.

In this Master Class, you will discover:

  • How to figure out your true calling.
  • How to stop being paralyzed by the fear of failure and rejection that holds you back.
  • How to figure out what serves you, and how to say no to everything that doesn’t.
  • How to finally grow into the person that you truly, deeply know you can become.

We can’t wait to take this journey with you in the How to Get Unstuck Master Class with Laura Gassner Otting.

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